Molecular Ecology Laboratory

The Molecular Ecology Laboratory at Svanhovd has extensive experience with full-scale genetic analyses and quality-control systems, as well as in developing marker sets for various organisms. Important fields are genetic monitoring of brown bear, polar bear, and various fish species, and increasingly assessment of microbiomes and insect communities using metabarcoding methods.

The laboratory has all equipment needed in standard molecular-genetic work, including DNA extraction, PCR amplification, and microsatellite or SNP genotyping, but also for preparing next-generation sequencing libraries for ddRADseq, metabarcoding, and whole-genome sequencing.


The Svanhovd Molecular Ecology laboratory offers a range of genetic analyses (e.g., microsatellite and SNP genotyping) of various animal and plant species. Services include both the development of marker sets and the analysis of large sample series. The laboratory works according to a quality control system based on ISO/IEC 17025, and offers services with documented quality.

Contact laboratory leader Ida Fløystad for more information and price quotes.


In addition to the main DNA lab, Svanhovd has a full-scale teaching laboratory (“Forskerlab“) that is used for hands-on training of pupils from local and international schools. The Forskerlab includes equipment for DNA extraction, PCR, and running agarose gels. Popular activities include, for example, courses in genotyping of bears from scat samples.

The Svanhovd Molecular Ecology laboratory specializes on analyses of non-invasively collected genetic samples.