Virtual Access

This site provides downloadable data sets for re-use and/or links to data sets that have been deposited in public databases by NIBIO Svanhovd. These include primarily genetic data sets that have been published by the research group. With time, we aim to expand this site with monitoring data, including meteorological and climatic data.

Genetic data sets:


  • Genetic data from: Schregel, J., Remm, J., Eiken, H. G., Swenson, J. E., Saarma, U., Hagen, S. B. (2018) Multi-level patterns in population genetics: variogram series detects a hidden isolation-by- distance- dominated structure of Scandinavian brown bears Ursus arctos. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 9: 1324-1334. [Pdf]
  • Genetic data from: Fane, S. C., Leclerc, M., Pelletier, F., Rosell, F., Swenson, J. E., Bischof, R., Kindberg, J., Eiken, H. G., Hagen, S. B., Zedrosser, A. (2018) Sociodemographic factors modulate the spatial response of brown bears to vacancies created by hunting. Journal of Animal Ecology 87: 247-258. [Pdf]
  • Genetic data from: Kopatz, A., Eiken, H. G., Schregel, J., Aspi, J., Kojala, I., Hagen, S. B. (2017) Genetic substructure and admixture as important factors in linkage disequilibrium-based estimation of effective number of breeders in recovering wildlife populations. Ecology and Evolution 7: 10721 – 10732. [Pdf]
  • Genetic data from: Schregel, J., Kopatz, A., Eiken, H. G., Swenson, J. E., Hagen, S. B. (2017) Sex-specific genetic analysis indicates low correlation between demographic and genetic connectivity in the Scandinavian brown bear (Ursus arctos). PLoS ONE 12(7): e0180701. [Pdf]
  • Genetic data from: Bidon, T., Janke, A., Fain, S. R., Eiken, H. G., Hagen, S. B., Saarma, U., Hallström, B. M., Lecomte, N., Hailer, F. (2015) Brown and polar bear Y chromosomes reveal extensive male-biased gene flow within brother lineages. Molecular Biology and Evolution 31: 1353–1363. [Pdf]
  • Genetic data from: Schregel, J., Eiken, H. G., Grøndahl, F. A., Hailer, F., Aspi, J., Kojola, I., Tirronen, K., Danilov, P., Rykov, A., Poroshin, E., Janke, A., Swenson, J. E., Hagen, S. B. (2015) Y chromosome haplotype distribution of brown bears (Ursus arctos) in Northern Europe provides insight into population history and recovery. Molecular Ecology 24: 6041-6060. [Pdf]


  • Genetic data from: Holmala, K., Horrero, A., Kopatz, A., Schregel, J., Eiken, H. G., Hagen, S. B. (2018) Genetic evidence of female kin clusters in a continuous population of a solitary carnivore, the Eurasian lynx. Ecology and Evolution 8: 10964 – 10975. [Pdf]

Brown Trout

  • Genetic data from: Klütsch, C. F. C., Maduna, S. N., Polikarpova, N., Forfang, K., Aspholm, P. E., Nyman, T., Eiken, H. G., Amundsen, P.-A., Hagen, S. B. (2019) Genetic changes caused by restocking and hydroelectric dams in demographically bottlenecked brown trout in a transnational subarctic riverine system. Ecology and Evolution 9: 6068-6081. [Pdf]